Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First couchsurf, first hitching experiance, first ride in an 18 wheeler! (Part 2)

(short entry, just finishing up where I left off yesterday!\)

Lee is a 34 year young man from South Georgia, and talks with the typical southern twang that every country singer seems to be blessed/cursed with. He told me about his kids (2 girls 1 boy), his relationship with his first and second wife, and about his recent jail time. Everything he tells me reinforces my understanding about the freedom man is gifted with, that we then continue to give up in the name of security, be that the security of constant income, living quaters, or relationships. We also talk about trucking regulations.

The ride is fairly uneventfull, and once I have gotten over the inital excitement of riding in a really big truck, I try my best to take in some of the country side as we pass through it during lulls in the conversation. First thing I notice, florida has a lot of swamp. Roughly 2 hours and 120 miles later (with one stop, thanks for the Mtn Dew Lee!) we arrive in Gainesville. Lee drops me off on the exit ramp from the interstate as he is continueing on up into Georgia. From there I call my second couch surf, and skate into the sunset to meet him.

Thats a story for another day though.

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